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Recently global energy consumption has be on increase, and also the amount of available energy is reducing.According to the limitation of available energy and their high costs, it has brought aboutthe further use of modern insulations. They are however are one of the most important demands in industries such aspetrochemicals, refineries, powerhouses, buildingsand related facilities, and they became to the point in which it is inevitablematter. Using a proper insulation cangive us the valuable opportunity of considerable decrease on energy losses.

Pashmsangvila Co. has established a relevant quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/Ts 29001:2007.This company cooperation with expert and experienced human resources managed to take every necessary measures in the direction of our Iran’s independency to produce stone wool insulation.

Pashmsangvila Company is a member of POGC (Pars Oil and Gas Company), NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company), NIOEC (National Iranian oil Refining & Distribution), NIGC (National Iranian Gas Company), PEDEC (Petroleum Engineering & Development Company), PIDEC (Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company), EIED (Energy Industries Engineering & Design), PIDMCO (Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company), Petropars Company, SIPIEM (Society Of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufactures) and IRANQMS (Iran Management Association).

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