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General Description
Vila Rockwool Polyurethane CFC Free Rigid Foam (PUR) is one of the most efficient, high performance insulation material, enabling very effective energy savings with minimal occupation of space.

Vila Rockwool Manufacturers CFC free rigid closed cell foam in a wide range of densities for different applicatins.
Density 35 to 65 Kg/m3 for Pipe, Slab, Equipment, Vessel and Tank Insulation.
Density 80 to 120Kg/m3 for use in thermal Supports.

Vila Rockwool Polyurethane CFC Free Rigid Insulation is 95% closed cell and provides a long end satisfactory service life.

Vila Rockwool Polyurethane Foam can be used in many different applications in the process plant, Oil, Gas, refinery, Cold, Cryogenic and Air-conditioning industries. Standard foam meets the requirements of the German specification DIN 4102, Class B2/B3. If a higher performance level is required we can supply foam meet DIN 4012 Class B1.

Where higher temperature and/or better fire performance is required.

we recommend to use the Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate Insulations.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate meet the requirement of BS 476 part 6 & 7, Class 1 and ASTM E-84.

35 Kg/m3 to 65 Kg/m3 Density for Pipe, Slabs, Board, Vessel, Tank, Equipment, Cryogenic Insulation.

80  Kg/m3 to 360 Kg/m3 Density for Thermal Supports.
Other densities are available upon request.

Pipe Sections up to 125 MM OD supplied in two half section. Sizes over 150 MM OD can be supplied in segments or two half sections as required.

Board/Slabs 1000 MM x 1000 MM OR 2000 MM x 1000 MM Other sizes are available upon request.



Chilled Water Pipe, Duct and Slab Insulation Materials (PIR)

General Description
Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate CFC free rigid closed cell foam manufactured in similar way to standard Polyurethane, Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate has all the characteristics and advantages of rigid Polyurethane foam but offers greatly increased resistance to burning and spread of flameand is able to withstand temperatures up to 140 °C. When subjected to fire. the outer surface of the foam forms a strong carbonaceous layer, which retards further flame spread and penetration. For ease of identification.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate CFC free rigid closed cell foam with a low Thermal Conductivity of 0.023 W/m oC at 10 oC, gives excellent thermal properties and fire properties when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84, and BS 476 Part 7, Class 1 rating.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate rigid insulation is 95% closed cell and provides a long end satisfactory service life.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate CFC free rigid closed cell insulation materials display excellent insulation characteristics. They have extremely low thermal conductivity values and can achieve optimal energy savings.
The excellent mechanical strength values and exceptional durability of rigid.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate fulfil all the requirements made of insulation materials used in the building industry.

Pipe Insulation, Duct Insulation, Slab Insulation
Pipe Support Inserts
Duct Support Inserts
PIPE FITTINGS Including Elbows, Tees, Valve, Covers…
etc …
PIR Foam Blocks/Slabs for Design Mould and Boat/Ship partition/support work.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate insulation is available as sectional pipe covering, complete with a vapour barrier jacket, as well as sections for fittings, board, segments for equipment and large vessels.
Factory fabrication Standards : ASTC C 450 and ASTM C 585

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate CFC free rigid closed cell insulation has many diverse applications in Air-Conditioning Systems, Oil, Petrochemical, Process Plant and General Insulation Industries. It can be used for Pipe, Duct, Tank, Vessel and Equipment Insulation.

35Kg/m3 to 65Kg/m3 for Pipe Sections, Duct Insulation and Slabs.

80Kg/m3 to 200Kg/m3 for Thermal Support Inserts
Other Densities are available upon request

PIPE SECTION with reinforced Aluminium Class ‘1’ foil faced.
PIPE SECTION with reinforced aluminium Class ‘O’ foil faced.
PIPE SECTION with Aluglass foil faced (Aluminized glass Cloth). Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate Aluglass Finished Insulation is easy to fit and installation cost can save because of applying canvas cloth and vapour barrier will not be required.
PIPE Support Inserts or DUCT SSupport Inserts faced with reinforced Aluminium foil, Aluglass foil or Un-faced.


High Temperature Service :
Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate insulation does not soften or lose its strength at elevated temperatures within the recommended use limits.

Low Thermal Conductivity :
Procuring at the factory provides consistent makes physical properties.

Easy Installation :
Its light weight and ease of adherence to a variety of surfaces makes it east to apply.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate is having high thermal properties i.e. Low thermal conductivity, High Compressive strength, durability and dimensional stability.

Vila Rockwool Polyisocyanurate is 95% closed cell and keep insulation dry and secured until the life time of the construction.

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